The 3R Program with TEWS
Revive. Re-use. Re-Design.

Transform your wedding gown memories into cherished keepsakes with The 3 R Program. Our team will re-imagine your dress into a new gown or create delightful mementos you can keep forever!

Your Gown


The 3-R Program is available through the months of October to February. Limited spots are available, book now to secure your spot!




Restoring your cherished gown to its original beauty, freshness, and appeal. Whether that involves cleaning, repairing any damage, and rejuvenating the fabric to remove stains, wrinkles, or signs of wear. Our goal is to give your gown a renewed, pristine appearance, as if it were new and ready to be worn and cherished once again!


Re-imagining your gown for a new purpose or occasion! This can involve our team of specialists altering the gown’s design or style to make it suitable for a different event, such as an anniversary or another meaningful moment or occasion in your life! Give your gown a new lease on life, allowing it to be cherished and appreciated once again in a new way!



Transforming your gown into something entirely different from its original look and feel! This could involve cutting and sewing the fabric to create a new garment or heirloom piece. Our team’s goal is to give the gown a new purpose and extend its usefulness, while also preserving that sentimental value from your big day!

The Importance of Re-Design to TEWS

At TEWS, we are passionate about re-purposing our clients' wedding gowns to give them new life and utility in everyday use. We believe that every gown holds memories and sentimental value that should be cherished beyond the wedding day. By transforming these gowns into wearable pieces that can be loved and used again, we not only extend the life of the garment but also honor the special moments and emotions attached to it.