Wedding Dress Cleaning Service

Tanis Emmett Wedding Style offers a pain-free wedding dress cleaning process! Our cleaning is all done in-studio by our team, giving your gown the best care after your wedding day so that you can keep it for years to come. We use the best organic cleaning solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Typically it takes 2 months to clean your wedding dress. Do you need it back sooner? No problem! When you drop off your wedding dress for your cleaning, we will book you in for your pick up date and time!
It is fair to expect not every mark and scuff will come out of your wedding dress, but our cleaning solutions will not only freshen up your dress but remove a lot of unwanted dirt!
At Tanis Emmett Wedding Style, we do not offer gown preservation, which is a process that seals your wedding dress in a box that should not be opened. However, we do show you how to safely store your wedding dress for years to come at a much more cost effective and safe way! We will also provide you with a care information sheet for future reference. This way, you will be able to try on your wedding dress, repurpose or resell it, or pass it on to future generations.

Unfortunately, we do not clean silk gowns. We recommend dry cleaning those gowns as silk can not get wet in anyway.

  • How to correctly store your gown.
  • A final steam clean after your gown has been cleaned.
  • Any repairs that need to be done we can do at an additional cost. (Great idea if you are selling your gown after the wedding.)
IMG_3976 (1) After
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